Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Last updated October 13, 2006

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The Cape Breton Regional Municipality was formed by legislative action of the Nova Scotia government in a drive to reduce the number of municipalities in the province.   There are three regional municipalities in Nova Scotia, the others being Queens RM, and Halifax RM.  In each case these regional municipalities encompass a complete county and all lands within with the exception of First Nations lands.   Any towns or cities that lay within the particular county were amalgamated in the the regional municipality.   In the case of the CBRM, the regional municipality covers the former Cape Breton County, as well as several towns such as Glace Bay, North Sydney, Sydney Mines, as well as the city of Sydney.

This webpage will deal only with the official services of the CBRM and its subsidiary bodies, and not with other services covered elsewhere on the site, such as marine and aeronautical services, or with provincial or federal government services utilizing the Nova Scotia Trunked Radio System. At the time of the last revision of this page, the CBRM only made incidental use of the NSTMRS ("TMR"), for liaison with other agencies;; however it is possible that at any time more use could be made of the system, or indeed conversion to full use.  The TMR has complete coverage of the CBRM area.

This page will initially deal only with Fire and Police services in CBRM. Please note that the other service of most interest to scanner users, ambulance service, is exclusively on the TMR.


The CBRPS is a unified department covering all of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.   It originally took in the various town and city police forces that previously existed, and the communications system still reflects that takeover.   In addition, at a later time, the rural areas and former towns of Cape Breton County that had been patrolled by several detachments of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were taken over.   There remains an RCMP presence in the CBRM, notably the 100 series highways that are patrolled by RCMP traffic services units, and as elsewhere in Canada, an RCMP involvement regarding federal policing and patrols of First Nations areas.  It is unclear just what RCMP investigative units operate out of CBRM.  The RCMP operates on the TMR, as mentioned above.   It is thought that the CBRPS and the RCMP maintain a liaison talkgroup on the TMR (tg id 00624).

Frequency Input frequency Tone Usage/Location
153.935 154.89 100.0 Central Division
154.01 159.3 192.8 North Division 
155.19 154.62 173.8 East Division 1
158.73 152.105 123.0 East Division 2
155.25 164.1 118.8 Louisbourg
152.36 157.44 136.8 Central Rural 1 (Ben Eoin)
172.32 167.4 ? Central Rural 2 (Morley Rd)
173.07 168.06 ? North Rural (Kempt Head)
166.56 169.26 107.2 ERT/Tactical

Car numbers:  
100 series (East Division - Glace Bay HQ) covering also New Waterford, New Victoria, Port Morien)
200 series (Central Division - Sydney HQ) covering also South Bar, Tanglewood, Balls Creek, Irish Cove, GAbarus, Louisbourg)
300 series (North Division - North Sydney HQ) covering NSideEBay, Christmas I, Grand Narrows, Sydney Mines, Florence areas)
400 series (Some traffic, and also other specialist vehicles: GIS, K9, etc.)

Numbers ending in 14 or 24 are Sergeant's vehicles.   470 to 472 are K9.   Ending in 21 are general duty traffic cars.



The CBRM Fire Department is a patchwork of various volunteer departments combined with the paid services found in the former town and city areas of the municipality.   Unification of these services has not been as extensive as in the Halifax Regional Municipality where there is a practically seamless dispatch and communications system.  In the CBRM the various stations, which might still be referred to as departments, have retained their previous individual paging and working frequencies.   They do however respond to each others' areas, but this is not much different from past mutual aid operations.   Most significantly, they are all dispatched from the central 911 centre and therefore there is a central knowledge of what the immediate situation and needs are throughout the CBRM.

In the following chart, tones and input frequencies for repeaters are shown, if known.  Information is missing regarding the many apparently missing channels (based on the gaps in the channel names).  The CBRFS also has some capability to operate on the NSTMRS (mentioned above) and is increasingly using it for mutual aid and other joint operations such as training, water rescue and hazmat.  TMR talkgroup EO-E1 may be used for this purpose.

Local fire stations are divided into frequency groups as follows:

Alpha Group:  Ashby, Coxheath, Grand Lake Rd, Howie Ctr, Mira Rd, South Bar, Sydney River, Westmount, Whitney Pier.

Bravo Group: Birch Grove, Dominion, Donkin, Port Morien, Reserve Mines, Tower Rd

Charlie Group:  New Victoria, New Waterford, Scotchtown

Delta Group:  French Vale, George's River, North Sydney

Echo Group:  Florence, Sydney Mines

Foxtrot Group:  Albert Bridge, Bateston

Golf Group:   Gabarus, Louisbourg

Kilo Group:  Big Pond, East Bay, North Side East Bay

Other (Individual frequencies?):  South Side Boularderie, Marion Bridge, Christmas Island, Boisdale

It is not known why there is not a Hotel, India, or Juliett group!

Frequency Input Frequency Tone Location/Usage 
154.43 158.88 Central (Alpha) Paging
154.25 simplex Alpha Ch 3
153.77 simplex Alpha Ch 4
159.42 simplex Alpha Ch 5
159.495 simplex Alpha Ch 6
153.83 simplex Alpha Ch 7
151.535 152.075 Bravo Paging
154.16 simplex Bravo Ch 3
151.475 simplex Bravo Ch 4
154.34 simplex Bravo Ch 5
151.4 simplex Bravo Ch 6
154.695 simplex Charlie Ch 4
159.15 154.46 Charlie: New Waterford
154.4 simplex Delta Ch 3
154.1 simplex Delta Ch 4
169.375 simplex Delta: North Sydney
153.8 simplex Echo Ch 4
153.89 simplex Echo: Sydney Mines
158.835 164.94 Foxtrot: Albert Bridge
154.325 simplex Golf Ch 3
155.505 151.34 Golf: Louisbourg
153.86 simplex Kilo Ch 4
159.63 154.055 Kilo: East Bay
155.775 151.88 141.3 Marion Bridge
154.265 Christmas Island
151.145 simplex Southside Boularderie
153.98 simplex Big Bras D'or
155.31 simplex Eskasoni
152.03 154.19 94.8 Rear Boisdale NSIMRS repeater
152.21 154.22 94.8 Cape Smokey NSIMRS repeater